Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fun, Safe, and Secure Chat Experience On CrushorFlush

Another good news from CrushorFlush. Now you have an extra feature at CrushorFlush, that is, "chat". Yes, now you can freelu and safely chat at CrushorFlush without giving up your personal information (your cell phone number, real name, and e-mail address always remain private).

The beauty of Crush or Flush is that you’ll only chat with people you’ve Crushed… whether it’s for friends or more. Of course, if they haven’t Crushed you then you’re out of luck. Your best bet is to login and start Crushin’ and Flushin’ if you want to chat. Click 'Find & Filter' from the main menu and then click 'Who Crushed Me.' You'll see a small checked box at the top of your screen telling you that you are now browsing everyone that has a Crush on you. Same deal - if you like them you can Crush them back and instantly chat. If not, Flush them and they'll never know. It's that simple.

As CrushorFlush has privacy and safety built in, no one ever gets your e-mail address, real name, or cell phone number - they always remain private. Ok, so enjoy the fun, safe, and secure chat experience on CrushorFlush by clicking here: CHAT